Only YOU can make it happen


I love routine. Without it, nothing goes according to plan. When I ran a home daycare, I had five young children in my care. People asked how I did it. Routine. As long as we stuck to it, it worked. The kids were happy. So was I.

The same goes for writing. Only when I stick to a routine do things go smoothly. I’m fortunate to work from home. Most days, I write at leisure, unlike many who can only do so in their spare time because they don’t have the same privilege. Here’s what my day looks like.

My Monday to Friday three-hour ‘shift’ begins at 2:15 pm. I get up at 5:30 am, make breakfast for hubby, and see him off to work at 6:15. Then I enjoy quiet time with God. My favourite part of the day. Things aren’t the same without it. I sit in my recliner with a mango-orange smoothie, my Bible, and my prayer journal.  

Between 7:30 and 8:00 am, I check and reply to email before I start writing around 9:00. I take short breaks to stretch every so often and eat a light lunch around 12. I return to the computer until 2:00 pm. I take care of a little one until 5:00 or so. After supper and dishes, I’m back in here to continue where I left off. Between 9:00 and 10:00 pm, it’s downtime. I do a crossword puzzle, or read before turning in.  

Some of you may think I have it easy because I work from home. I didn’t always have that privilege. As badly as I wanted to write, I had to find the time. How did I do it? With great difficulty, but I.DID.IT. The question was: How badly did I want to write?

For years, I worked in a call centre. It’s there I penned my first novel. Yes, with pen and paper because I wasn’t allowed to use my tablet. I wrote between calls. When the ideas were flying, I took notes during my two 15-min breaks and often on my 30-min lunch, so I could expand on them when I had more time. My day didn’t end there, though. At night, I transcribed everything into a Word document. Double the work. Guess what…after 30 days, I had over 50,000 words. That’s right. Why did I put myself through that? Because I WANTED to write. 

If you are serious about writing, you will make time. You may need to get up an hour or so before everyone else. Do you ride the bus to and from work? You can make good use of it. Some, like I did, might choose to use their breaks. At the end of the day, for half or even a full hour, why not take advantage of the kids being in bed and hubby watching TV, to put the finishing touches on that scene you started earlier? If you really want this, ask yourself the same thing I did: How badly do you want to write? 

Remember this: Only YOU can make it happen. Leave a comment below.