A Nudge From God?

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Oh how I wish God’s message was clearer.

We put our house on the market last fall. For me, 9 1/2 months is a long time. Our three previous houses (we moved a lot) sold in less than three months.

This cute little 4-bed/2-bath bungalow is 15 years old, in a perfect location for anyone who works downtown and doesn’t want to pay for expensive parking. Walking distance to grocery store, pharmacy, novelty shop, two gyms, and three schools. Nicely tucked away behind the main street means you’re not in a high traffic area.

Wheelchair accessible, it has wide doors and hallway. A Dr. had it built for his mom who had mobility issues. This house can be used as an income property. The only thing missing downstairs is a kitchen. The craft/hobby room can easily be converted.

While it is priced to sell and we’ve had a lot of great feedback from prospect buyers, we only received one offer.  What’s the problem?

The apartments.

Behind our backyard are three 3-storey apartment buildings. Most who looked at our house see that as a lack of privacy. What they don’t know is how quiet it is in this neighbourhood. The apartments owners are strict about noise levels. There are never any parties or rowdiness.

I was ecstatic when the first offer came two weeks ago. We were told they were pre-approved, so we started packing and sold items we don’t use anymore. We put a conditional offer on one we’d absolutely loved. It was accepted.

Then things fell apart.

Our agent called to say our buyer had to pull out of the deal. Talk about disappointment.

In the same breath, he said the one we’d put an offer on sold when the owner received a straight offer and accepted it.  

Now what? One room is full of boxes. We have to move them to the storage room in the basement to make the house presentable when the next showing request comes. 

We prayed about it and decided if not sold by June 30, it’s going off the market. Not knowing where God is leading us with this, we lay our fleece down (read Judges 6 if you’re not sure what that means), and pray it sells by the end of the month. The disappointment has worn off (mostly) and we’ve accepted that maybe God is saying now’s not the time to move. Hubby and I want to retire closer to the country, but if God says stay who are we to argue? Yet…

Today, after telling a few people we’re taking it off the market in two weeks, our agent called to say the one we wanted to buy is back on the market.

It feels good knowing we can put another offer on it, conditional on the sale of ours.

Is God saying be patient? Is He saying I’ll bring the buyer in My time, not yours, which may not necessarily be by June 30? Oh how I wish His message was clearer.

Time will tell.


Dream. Seek. Ask. But Never Ever Ever Give Up ~

How often, when wanting something real bad, have you asked, “Why bother? It’ll never happen!”


Some time ago, best-selling author Davis Bunn impressed on me the importance of attending Christian Writers Conferences, and suggested a few. I did a Google search and what I read amazed me so much, I wanted to attend each one at least once. Yeah right! That’ll never happen! so I thought.

I never imagined I’d ever go to Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (BRMCWC). Why? I collect “flyer points.” They entitle me to free flights. It helps a lot since I’d want to attend two conferences a year. But there are two problems flying with these points:

1. Destinations are limited;
2. Only 8% of the seats on any given flight are “free points flights,” regardless how many ‘regular’ seats are left on the plane!

When I looked into BRMCWC, I wasn’t surprised that Asheville wasn’t one of the destinations. My consolation, though disappointed, was that there are other great conferences out there. I attended Write to Publish (2012), Mt Hermon (2014), ACFW (2014), and returned to Mt Hermon this Spring. I can’t say enough about these amazing conferences, nor can I thank Davis enough for mentioning them. I enjoyed every moment, learned a great deal, and would do it all over again. And God knows my heart. Inside and Out.

Recently, a picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a magazine rekindled my desire. I mentioned it to Ane Mulligan, a dear friend and writer. She said she wished I could come. Then out of the blue (no pun intended), knowing I couldn’t fly to Asheville, she  asked if I could fly to Atlanta. I felt a nudge. So strong, I knew it was God’s. I heeded, and checked the flights. I could get there but couldn’t get back. Huh? What was He trying to say? I searched all weekend, nothing. Monday came, still nothing.

Refusing to give up on what I knew was God’s voice, I sought His guidance, and checked 3 other airports. Nothing. Then a 4th. P.T.L. One seat. 2 1/2 hours away from home but still… one seat. Scheduled two days later than I’m supposed to report back to work, but still, there was one single available seat. And I couldn’t even book it! I had to clear it with work first.

I asked. She said no. Disappointed, I nodded my reply in understanding…sort of. Until… moments later, she gave me the go-ahead. I booked my flights, many thoughts going through my mind. Thoughts of God’s Greatness; His provisions when I thought there was no way. He’d provided by putting the right people in my path at the right time:

– Davis Bunn who told me about Christian writers conferences;

– Ane Mulligan who offered a drive, a place to stay before/during/after the conference;

– A husband who supports my writing 200 percent.

But best of all, God showed me His unending love for me. He knows the desire of my heart–Psalms 37:4–and even though I had pretty well given up on Blue Ridge Mountains, thinking it simply wasn’t possible, God hadn’t given up on ME. He made a way.

God has big plans for our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has: “…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This is not to say He’s going to say YES to everything we ask, nor is He going to open every door. Yes, it may hurt when He says no. Keep in mind, though, He knows what’s behind that door better than we do.

So when you feel His nudge, heed his calling. Even when things seem impossible. Keep dreaming. Keep seeking Him. And keep asking.

In closing, here’s an amazing video. FLAWLESS by Mercy Me

Until next time,


Renee-Ann <><