About this blog

When I started this blog in July 2010, my goal was to write about . . . well… writing, and things related to that. I blogged about different tools I’ve accumulated, sites I visited often, and books I love.

I also wanted to talk about the authors who wrote those books. Fortunately, I’ve had the privilege to meet many of them; some in person either at a book signing event or writers’ conferences; the others, via this wonderful venue called the internet. Regardless how we met, all of them have helped me in ways too numerous to count. Mentioning their books on my blog for others to read was but a small way to show my appreciation.

There’s more to writing than putting pen to paper. I’d never realized the hard work that went into it, and I came close to throwing the towel in. The support, inspiration, and encouragement I received from so many was more than enough to keep me going.

Every now and then, something happened and it had nothing to do with the wonderful world of literature. I just had – or simply wanted – to share with my readers, so my blog became a bit of a hodge-podge of miscellaneous topics.

In January 2012, I began reviewing books I love. I felt the world deserved to hear about them as much as the authors deserved the ‘praise’ for a job well done. Today, I still write about…well…writing.


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Interestingly, sharing thoughts on my favourite books is also the content of my blog – I guess it’s what readers and writers like to do – talk about books! I’ve read through some of your old blog entries and I’m intrigued by, not only your book, but also by the ‘42,00’ book. I’ll have to check it out.

    author of Family Business

    • Hello Renny, and thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Cheryl’s book is well worth it and I’ve recommended it since I bought/read it. I trust you’ll benefit from it as well.

      Blessings! Renee-Ann <

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