Writing Haven


Ahhhh, there you are. It’s first thing in the morning. The house is quiet and you’re awake before everybody else. You get out of bed, make yourself a steaming cup of coffee, and head out onto the back deck where you sit in your favorite spot. From there, you can look across the lake behind your house, and watch the sunrise on the horizon. God’s painted a masterpiece across the sky in an array of red, yellow, and orange colors. The only thing breaking the silence is the sound of birds chirping in the nearby trees. One thought enters your mind.

What better place is there to write?

Each one of us has a special spot where we can secluded ourselves and be alone to pen our stories.

For some–maybe even for manyit’s in nature. A cabin in the woods, a cottage near the water, or even a farmhouse. Those people like the quiet. Those places fuel their inspiration. Nature in itself is inspirational.

For others, watching people going about their daily routine keep them energized. It may be in a busy coffee shop, the food court in a shopping center, or even in a library. Some prefer, or even need, a noisy environment.

Yet for others still, it may be the comfort of home. With or without music in the background, the introvert likes to be home. He or she wants to stay there. It maybe in a room sitting at a desk, on the sofa in front of the TV, or at the kitchen table.

No matter where you like to write, it’s important to make your haven clutter free of distractions. By that I don’t mean turn off email and Facebook notifications (although that’s a great idea). Make sure your desk is clean, and tidy. Papers, advertising flyers, and such can be a major distraction while we try to pen our stories. Otherwise, the mind focuses on one thing only. Cleaning the mess in front of you.

Personally, I don’t know how anyone can write in a busy coffee shop, except perhaps, to get ideas for a busy scene. Nor can I understand how others can concentrate with the music on. All that does to me, is make me sing along and forget what I was doing in the first place.

I need total peace and quiet. That’s when I can work the best.

I have what I call my office / craft room combo. It’s where I do most of my writing. However, there are two other locations where, to break the monotony, I choose to write. Sometimes, I’ll sit in my recliner in the front room, near the fireplace. The comfort of sitting in Mom’s chair and the memory it holds is plenty to spark ideas.

Other times, specially when I know there’ll be traffic going back and forth to the kitchen, I prefer to seclude myself in my bedroom, with my back pillow, my tray and laptop.

What’s your favorite haven? What makes it so special? Leave a comment below.


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