Can’t think of what to say…


Blog posts are fun to write. You can make them as long–or as short–as you like, talk about anything, make them funny, educational, inspirational…the possibilities are endless.

I started blogging in 2010. At first, I wrote a little of everything. Gradually, specially after I published my first novel, most of my posts dealt with different aspects of writing.

What happens, though, when you’re stuck and don’t know what to say? Finding a daily topic can be difficult. Trust me, I struggle with that too. Where can you get ideas?

First, read other blogs. I remember thinking I didn’t have time to do that. I worked full-time outside the home. When I had time to spare, I wrote. I was missing the point. In order to write a blog, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not. Reading blogs that deal with topics that interest you is key.

Second, look for what others don’t talk about in their post, and elaborate in yours. For example, you read a garden post on how to grow beautiful flowers, but they don’t talk about vegetables. Your prized tomatoes have neighbours gawking at your garden all the time! There’s your chance to tell the world about it.

Third, take notes. A teacher at a writers conference strongly suggested we keep a small notebook and pen in every room in the house. Why? Ideas can strike at anytime. In the middle of the night when you toss and turn and your novel or blog is developing in your head, don’t think you’ll remember every detail in the morning. You won’t. I kept a 3×5 spiral notebook on my bedside table at all time (and on the china cabinet, in my craft room/office, in the man cave…) to jot down any that came to mind. Now I use the Notes app on my cell phone.

Fourth, do author interviews and/or review their book(s). What better way to help them? I’ve done several of those because when I read a book I enjoy, I love to tell others, just like I hope they’ll do with mine. A writer’s best promotion is an author review. It can be on Amazon, but it can be in your blog too. 


Lastly,  Be Creative! The internet is an ocean with topics in every page you open. Google, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few. Let your fingers do the walking. How did writers, in days of old, find inspiration? They had no internet or TV. The idea for my first novel came from the story of a missing child on the local TV news. It saddened me they hadn’t found her. Wondering what might have happened, I decided to write about it. NOT about the same child, NOT the same scenario. I simply took the idea of a missing child and her mother’s struggle to find her.

How do you get your blog post ideas? Where do you turn to find great topics you hope will wow your readers? Share your comments below.



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