Hiccups….just one of those days…

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong. Today’s been like that. It’s now after 9 pm, but since I’m supposed to blog 31 days in a row, there’s no way I’m turning in without dropping a line. It’s not on the topic of writing, but I’m blogging. 🙂

When I got up this morning, I had to make two chicken pot pies and two blueberry pies. I tackled the meat pies first with a new recipe. Instead of regular crust, it calls for carrot dumplings. Little did I know how time-consuming it would be.   


While they were in the oven, I had a quick bite to eat, and looked at the clock. I had a dental appointment at 3:15. Would I have time to tackle and bake the two blueberry pies before leaving? Maybe… I ran downstairs to retrieve two bags of berries from the freezer. There was only one left. Rats! That would only make one pie. I supposed I could make one then and the other one tonight? That would work.

I hurried upstairs and checked on the chicken pot pies. A little whiff of smoke hit me as opened the oven door. The juices from one of the pies had boiled over and dripped on  the bottom of the oven. The timer said 9 minutes left. Oh please don’t let the fire alarm go off. At three minutes, I could really smell it…

Good thing I hadn’t prepped the blueberry pie yet, because I had to let the oven cool down before I could clean up the mess. By the time I cleaned it up, it was time to deliver the first pot pie, and explain why the blueberry pie wasn’t ready. I promised to have to them tonight. They didn’t mind, but I did. I’d promised and wanted it done now!

On the way home after my appointment, I hurried to do the usual “Friday” errands… bank, gas, a few groceries at the new vegetable store in town, and finally back home to taste that pot pie. Oh yum… quite nice.

Okay…time to tackle those two blueberry pies. I tossed everything together in a jiffy, put them in the oven, and cleaned up the supper dishes. Then, I finally sat down, for a few minutes before I delivered one of those. I didn’t mind. My neighbours are so good to me, I promised them a blueberry pie. Thank God they live handy! Like… across the street! 🙂

I feel like I rushed all day. Yet, despite the hiccups, as I call those inconveniences, it was a great day. A productive day. So what if I didn’t get to sit down much until 9 pm, I choose to look at the positive. A good supper. Nice dessert. A blog post that’s not at all what I intended, but hey I have over 500 words. I’m happy with that. Now, I’m going to send this post through and sign off.  Good night, all.

P.S. As soon as I took the first bite from that chicken pot pie, I realized it was well worth the time and effort that went into that new recipe.


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