Sixty is The New Thirty – Michelle Griep

My guest today is Michelle Griep. I love the theme of her post, Sixty is The New Thirty. Her new book, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, recently released on Tuesday, Sept 6. Read on to find out more about Michelle, and how you can enter to win a copy of her book, read on and leave a comment.

Michelle: Hero. What’s the image that pops into your head when you read that word? Big and beefy? Sporting the requisite six-pack abs and gleaming smile? You’re not alone. That’s the image that appears in most people’s minds.

But not mine.

I’m the rabble rouser who likes to rattle cages. Mix things up. Write a story where two retired sisters-in-law save the day. Why? Because contrary to popular belief, sixty is the new thirty. Think about it . . .

Life Expectancy is LONGER

Medical advances have banished or at least managed many illnesses that used to be a death sentence—and not just for the aged. Childhood diseases aren’t as much of an issue as they were, either.

Quality of Life is BETTER

Clean water. Plenty of food. A growing awareness that exercise should be part of your everyday life. All these things and more combine to make our lives way more stellar than that of our pioneer forefathers.

The Aging Market is GROWING

Baby boomers are booming, which is a reading market to be tapped. You think this population identifies with young bucks storming the castle? Maybe a few decades ago, but now the market is ripe for more mature heroes.

Armed with those facts, my writerly buddy and I penned a story set in a senior community. Here’s a blurb for OUT OF THE FRYING PAN:

OutoftheFryingPanB (2)

Murder in Paradise whips life into a froth for FERN and ZULA HOPKINS. When the retirement center’s chef is found dead, the two ladies get folded in with the case. Their zany attempts to track down the killer land them in hot water with Detective JARED FLYNN. Should he be concerned about their safety—or the criminal’s?

But there are deadly ingredients none of them expect. Drugs. Extortion. International cartels. And worst of all…broken hearts, especially when the Hopkins sisters’ niece KC arrives on the scene.

Life at Sunset Paradise Retirement Village will never be the same.


View More:

Michelle Griep’s been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. She resides in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where she teaches history and writing classes for a local high school co-op. Historical romance is her usual haunt. THE CAPTIVE HEART is her latest release. Follow her escapades at or or stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Thanks so much for being my guest, Michelle. To everyone reading this, Michelle is giving a hard copy of her book. Leave a comment for your chance to win. Until next time, blessings to all.



8 thoughts on “Sixty is The New Thirty – Michelle Griep

  1. It is a relief to know that “sixty is the new thirty.” However, I’d be interested in knowing how many sixty year olds really believe that. Out of the Frying Pan sounds like a book I’d really enjoy since I like to read cozy mysteries. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Hi Joy and thanks for your comment as well. Wishing you good luck in Michelle’s draw. This reminds me, I forgot to mention we’ll select a random winner on Wednesday, Sept 14.

  2. I love Michelle’s books and have been looking forward to this one, knowing it’s a little out of her typical writing realm. I do believe it is going to show her personality more than her other books!

  3. I love Michelle’s books and I have been looking forward to reading this one! I think Michelle’s personality is going to shine through in this book a tad bit more than in her typical historical fiction novels.

  4. GOOD MORNING, everyone. It’s Wednesday morning and this means it’s time to announce this week’s winner. One of you will win a hard copy of Michelle’s book. So without further ado, I asked a friend of mine to select a random winner. She picked…(drumroll please)…

    JOY. Congratulations. I’ll send your contact info to Michelle and she’ll be in touch with you.

    Thanks for dropping in, ladies. Stay tuned for more winnings. Until then, have a blessed week.

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