Life Imitated – Sarah Butland

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk on the news and social media about assisted suicide, and whether it’s right or wrong. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the issue, and as many deferring opinions. My guest today is Sarah Butland, who wrote a fiction about it. Her novel, Life Imitated, released just recently. Here she is to tell us about it.

SARAH: When a devastating accident takes away Asher’s ability to move, he has a huge decision to make. Laying on a bed, with only his voice to express himself, he is waited on hand and foot while he recalls living his prime life on the greens. Being hit by a drunk driver is something that should never happen but still does more than anyone cares to know about. With my newly released short story, Life Imitated, I tackle the big issue of assisted suicide, drinking and driving as well as forgiveness.

It is impossible to know what we would personally do under such circumstances even if we think of it every day. Until we face such dire straits, we cannot know what we would do.

Asher struggles with the trying to balance his personal hope with the feeling of taking lives away from his loved ones. Wonders if he should forgive the person who hit him or try to move on as best he can. Writing this story I struggled a lot with how it would end as I wondered what I would do if things were different. Usually it takes me a long time to figure out how to start a story and the end comes quickly and easily when I do. I write like I read, one word and page at a time and letting the story reveal itself to me, being surprised along with the reader.

When I came to the final words of this story they, too, came naturally like the rest and it left me wondering how many people would speak for themselves.

Please read the story and let me know what you would do.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland


Thank you so much, Sarah. I invite everyone to leave comments for a chance to win an ebook  copy of her novel. However, please keep in mind that everyone’s opinion matters, and each one of them counts, even though it may NOT be your own. Please be respectful.

Until next time, blessings




4 thoughts on “Life Imitated – Sarah Butland

  1. Ever since the movie ‘Me Before You’ came out and was so different than advertised, this concept has been on my heart. I believe God is the giver of life, and who are we to cut it short. That being said – I’ve never been faced with such a horrible situation, and pray I never will. I love to read, and would love to engross myself in your book.

    • Thanks for your comment, Julie. I haven’t seen the movie Me Before You nor had I heard about it until now. Just watched the trailer, have huge goose bumps and really want to see it. Thank you so much for mentioning it. Have a blessed day. <

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