Christmas Read, anyone? Part 5

Welcome back, everyone. First, I need to announce our latest winner: Congratulations go to Robert Nacke. Wow, lucky you! That’s the second time in my Christmas Reads series. Good for you, Robert. Tina will be in touch with you.

Now, we’re on to our 5th giveaway. Read on as we will have another question for you to answer in your comment for a chance to win another beautiful Christmas Read.

Today, I feature an amazing author, Dorothy Clark, and her Christmas Read, A Season of the Heart

A Season of the Heart

First, let me tell you about her book:

A Season of the Heart:

A Christmas Match. Rugged logger Daniel Braynard meets none of Ellen Hall’s husband requirements. Groomed for a prestigious marriage, she already has a choice between two wealthy suitors. She plans to make her decision by Christmas while visiting her hometown. But when tasked with creating the town’s decorations, she and Daniel are forced to work together. And her former childhood rescuer has matured into a man she can no longer ignore.

Daniel hardly recognizes the ambitious socialite Ellen has become. Somewhere beneath her airs is the spirited, warmhearted friend he has never forgotten. As Christmas nears, will the chill between them thaw to reveal the gift of a sweet love that was meant to be?

Award-winning author Dorothy Clark lives in rural New York. She enjoys traveling with her husband throughout the United States doing research and gaining inspiration for future books. Dorothy believes in God, love, family and happy endings, which explains why she feels so at home writing stories for Love Inspired Books. Dorothy enjoys hearing from her readers and may be contacted at:

A Season of the Heart will be available in both paperback and ebook. But you don’t have to wait. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.

So far we’ve talked about the things we love most about Christmas: food, traditions, songs and more. What about decorations? What is the most important ornament, or any kind of knickknacks you look forward to setting out at this time of year? It doesn’t have to be a tree ornament, it can be anything you set on the mantel, under the tree, or anywhere else. I’ll start by sharing mine: (hard to think of only one. I have so many…)

The manger, my Christmas village, and all the ornaments on our tree hold a special meaning. But I think my most treasured decoration is the only figurine (Joseph) left from the manger scene my family had when I was a kid. I have no idea what happened to the rest of this set, but I’d give just about anything to get an identical set. There’s also the Christmas wreath my sister made for me. She and I live so far away, I feel closer to her when I hang it on the front door.

We look forward to reading your comments. Until then, blessings!

Renee-Ann <><


29 thoughts on “Christmas Read, anyone? Part 5

  1. It is really difficult for me to pick just one decoration. There are a lot of memories wrapped up in our tree ornaments alone! But if I had to choose, it would be a diamond shaped glass ornament that I loved when I was a child. My mom passed it down to me when I began my own household.

    • The ornament sounds lovely. How nice to have a reminder of your childhood on your tree every Christmas. Will you pass the ornament on to your daughter?

    • There’s just something about certain items we treasured as children, whether a stuffed animal, special locket, or even a Christmas ornament. I know that last figurine from the manger scene certainly brings me back to my childhood. <

  2. Whenever I had a baby my mother in law would give me a wooden sleigh ornament with the babys name handpainted on it. When that company went out of business she started giving me engraved sleighs for the babies ornament. With me having 12 children we have alot of sleigh ornaments on our tree. The children are so excited to see them on the tree every year. It’s alot of fun since it takes me back to the time when they were all babies.

    • Oh, Aprul, how blessed you are to have 12 children! And what a lovely tradition your mother-in-law started. Will you carry it on and give your children engraved sleigh ornaments when they have babies of their own? Or will you keep adding sleighs with grandchildren’s names on them to your own tree?

  3. Hello everyone! Dorothy Clark here. First, Renee-Ann, let me thank you for featuring A Season of the Heart on your Christmas Read. I’ve always wanted to write a Christmas book and I truly enjoyed every minute I worked on A Season of the Heart.

    As to my favorite ornaments…LIke Renee-Ann, I love a manger scene that belonged to my parnents (It’s over 75 years old) and like Lorraine, an ornament from my childhood of a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes that is so delicate I hold my breath every time I touch it. I have no idea as to its age, but it hangs by a loop of string attached to paper inside the ornament. But my absolute favorites are our children’s and grandchildren’s baby shoes I hang on our Christmas tree. The shoes descend the tree in order of the children’s ages. I also drape our tree with a garland of styrafoam packaging material our youngest son strung on red yarn using a yarn needle when he was five years old. It always amazes me how lovely it looks!

    • You are most welcome, Dorothy. I’m glad you agreed to take part in this series. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year to love, share, celebrate, let’s not forget, time to eat!!!! 😉

      Aren’t those homemade ornaments precious? I too have a couple that my sons made in school and I look forward to hanging them every year. I have so many favourite, I don’t know which I love best. <

  4. I can’t wait to read this book, Dorothy! It looks wonderful. As for Christmas ornaments, my favorites are the ones we made when my children were small. On one side is a picture of my child, and on the other side is glued a picture the child colored, then they are laminated and tied to the tree with a ribbon. The wobbly crayon drawings and their angelic faces make me smile!

    • Those decorations sound so cute, Melinda! I lost most of our children’s homemade decorations in a flood. It makes what we were able to save more precious.

  5. Hi Dorothy! Congratulations on your new release. The Christmas season brings back so many wonderful memories, triggered by these treasures. I am blessed to still see many of these at my parent’s and in-law’s homes each year. We treasure the Swedish Christmas tree that my husband’s parents made for us for our first Christmas together.

    • Yes Christina you are very blessed. Both my parents are gone, and so is my dad in law. I miss them all dearly. I’m curious, though. What is different about a Swedish Christmas tree? Is it the decorations? Sounds interesting. 😀

    • You are blessed, Christine. My parents and my in-laws have passed on. I hang snowflakes my mom crocheted on our tree. I’m curious about the Swediah Christmas tree. How is it made?

  6. Dorothy, Your new book sounds great! Are you buried under a bunch of snow?

    I have two Christmas items that hold a special meaning. One is the advent calendar I hand-stitched from felt when my boys were small. My youngest son, now 24 and working on his masters’ degree, has laid claim to it and still enjoys putting the ornaments on each day.

    The other is the Christmas stocking my mom made for me when I was a kid. Beside it hang the ones I made for my husband and our four sons.

      • Hi Vickie. Thanks for stopping by. There’s no snow where I am. I love homemade decorations. Don’t you love it when your children treasure the things that are important to you? How wonderful to still have the stocking your mom made for you as a child.

  7. Congratulations, Dorothy! Hmmm, I love Christmas and have so much decorations my hubby swears the ceiling is going to cave in as I keep it in the attic. I think my favorite is my praying Santa. We never told our kids there was Santa but we didn’t pretend he didn’t exist either. I have a Santa who has his hat off and is bowing over baby Jesus. That has always been my favorite. It reminds me that EVERY knee shall bow.

    • Thanks, Debbie. I’m afraid I’m guilty of amassing decorations, too. My husband finally built me a closet just for Christmas things. : ) I lOVE the object lesson of the praying Santa. I think that is a wonderful way to teach children the truth of Christmas.

  8. I look forward to hanging the Christmas stockings my mother candle wicked for my children years ago. Since her death, hanging them has become even more special.

  9. Though I’ve never been big on decorating, while in high school, I constructed a star to attach to the top of our ranch house. It was always my mom’s favorites. She kept it and put it up every year. That always touched my heart.

    • I can imagine it would touch your heart. I wish we could attach pictures to these replied because I’d love to see many of the ornaments mentioned in this post! 😀

      • It was made of 1 X 4s, Dotti. No, I don’t still put it up. I would like to find it, though. Knowing my mom, I’d bet it’s squirreled away somewhere with a label on it.

  10. My favorite ornament isn’t an ornament at all, but a small beaded coin purse–a gift from my dear stepgrandma her last Christmas. When I hang it on the tree, I think of her giving heart and thank God for blessing me with such a special “grandma.”

  11. Your write-ups are beautifully written, Renee. What would be really nice, I think, would be to name the cover illustrator. Artists sometimes don’t receive credit for the work they do.

    • Thank you so much, Maggie. You make such a great point. I always tell my cover designer when I get comments on the work he did, as I have had many of them. And I always tell people how pleased I am with the work he did on my own cover. But you know what, until now, I never thought to mention other designers. Thank you so much for bringing that up. Blessings!

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