Christmas Read, anyone? Part 4.

Drum roll please ! I’m delighted to announce the winner of Darlene Franklin’s novel, An Apple For Christmas. Congratulations go to Robert Nacke. Thank you so much for taking part in this giveaway. Darlene will be in touch with you soon.

I can’t believe this is already part 4. But don’t go away. There are several more to come and we draw one random winner for each book we feature. That’s two winners a week. And today is no exception. It is my pleasure to feature Tina Pinson, and her Christmas novel, Christmas in Shades of Grey.


Tina Parson


Award winning author Tina Pinson resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of 30+ years, Danny. They have three sons, and seven grandchildren. She writes poetry, loves to doodle, sing, and enjoys gardening. She prays her stories will transport you to worlds beyond, touching your spirit, and giving you a closer insight to yourself and God. Her books are available at online retailers. You can learn more about Tina on her blog, and her website. And you can follow her on Twitter.


Tina's book


Here’s a little about her book:

It’s Christmastime. David Pareman lies in his hospital bed, dying. The staff visits him, as does a drug induced cowboy and yellow-eyed monster. But not his children. He fears he’ll die alone without a chance to share his heart.

When Arion, a stranger with vast knowledge of David’s life and a shroud of mystery over his own, comes to visit, David thinks Arion is from the newspaper. He learns otherwise. Soon David is tripping through his past in search of the answer to a soul-searing question. “What in your life merits God answering your prayer?”

Through his past and those of his children he hopes to reach, David finds little to balance the scales against him. He believes he’s no good, with nothing of merit that would make God want to help in him. Then he remembers the truth of Christmas and the love the Father sent to earth.

Sounds like an awesome read to me. And I know you’ll want to read it too. Here’s your chance to get a copy.

We’ve talked about what we love most about Christmas, we’ve shared our favourite Christmas songs, and the important “things” on our wish list. Now let’s talk about traditions?

In all your years, what was your MOST UNUSUAL Christmas tradition. As a child or grown up, it doesn’t matter. Leave a comment below for a chance to win Christmas in Shades of Grey. Best of luck. I’ll announce the winner Monday. Until then, have a blessed weekend, everybody.

Renee-Ann <><



11 thoughts on “Christmas Read, anyone? Part 4.

  1. One of my Traditions when I grew up was me and my family would go to my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve to share a meal with them ,and open gifts with them ,and after we spend the evening with them ,once we got home my parents allowed us to open one gift that Santa brought us.This is something I hold dear ,not of the gifts ,but being with my family

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Robert. We had a similar tradition of trading one gift on Christmas Eve, one I’ve carried on with my children. We also used to get together and have a big Mexican Feast and then go caroling. Which after eating made singing rather tough. We also would sit around in candlelight with the tree lights as well and sing carols and read the Christmas story out of the bible.

    • What a great time to reminisce. My parents both came from a home of 7 children so we always had large family gatherings. Dec 24, the gathering was at our house. We all opened one present, and later went to midnight mass. Christmas day and throughout the week between Christmas and New Year, we celebrated at the home of relatives. Then on New Year’s day, it was always at my maternal grandparent’s house. My uncle played the guitar, grandfather and my cousin tap-danced, and the woman cooked/baked all the goodies for a feast. Those were the days. I miss this kind of family gathering since so many have left this earth, and those remaining are all scattered. But the memories will always be in my heart.

  3. One of the traditions that we had was on Christmas Eve we would all get a big bowl of our mothers and put it on the couch with each of our names in them and Santa would put our presents in there in stead of under the Christmas tree.

  4. One year my dad and I decided to surprise my mom by making popcorn balls and other Christmas treats. She was gone for the evening. When she came home the kitchen was a mess with the pan from making popcorn balls ruined! The corn syrup mixture turned to cement in the pan. Fortunately our treats were pretty good! We never tried that again!

    • Oh wow… sounds like one of those “you had to be there” sort of stories. Hey, you and your Dad get an E for effort! Thanks so much for sharing, Nancee.

      Blessings, <

  5. Thanks Nuances. I remember cookie frosting once that I boiled so much it turned to hard toffee on the cake had to chisel through it. But the pan was salvaged.

    • I was no more than about 10 or 12 when I attempted my very first cake…. Alone! Armed with Mom’s recipe book, I looked for the ingredients in the pantry. Whatever I didn’t find, I omitted… even the baking powder! I didn’t even grease the pan. It was impossible to pull out this flat “galette” without tearing it apart. No idea how to make icing, I used cake decorations and confetti! My parents tried to sound sympathetic. Even the dog didn’t any, which deeply hurt my ego! Oh the joys of Christmas baking! Thanks for sharing, Tina. <

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