Smile at Yourself ! God’s watching You!

Have you ever smiled at yourself? What about a really, big grin? 

I have. I sat here the other morning, talking to God. I couldn’t thank Him enough for all He’s done in my life. Not only recently, but in the past weeks, months, and even years. It leaves me breathless to think about it! Totally overwhelmed. And while I talked, I smiled. Big time! 

Two weeks ago, I attended the ACFW conference where I met many incredible authors;

Ane Mulligan, Myself, Pam Meyers

Ane Mulligan, Myself, Pam Meyers


reconnected with writers I’d met at Write to Publishand at Mt Hermon; had a chance to go to the top of The Arch from which one can see the St Louis Cardinals baseball field;

View of St Louis and the Cardinals Baseball field

View of St Louis and the Cardinals Baseball field from the top of The Arch

and a breathtaking-view of the city of St Louis on one side, and Illinois on the other; rode in a horse-drawn carriage; learned a great deal in the class and workshops I took, and formed new bonds of friendships that will last a lifetime. That’s enough to make me smile. Yes even when I’m alone with God. 

The Arch in St Louis, MO

The Arch in St Louis, MO

I’m forever in awe of His provisions, and the many blessings He continually bestows upon me. I recently purchased the song Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave. The lyrics give me goose bumps. Especially the chorus. Listen to it. Watch the video and see if has the same effect on you. The part that gets me the most is when Big Daddy says:

“And God I run into your arms, unashamed because of mercy.”  

Wow! What a comforting words. Unashamed because of God’s mercy. Isn’t He amazing?

Now I want to make YOU smile. I promised to reveal my costume this week. As I mentioned in my last post, I write suspense and had no idea what to wear for the Genre Dinner until I did a Google search and found this idea. For me it was perfect.



I forget the name of the sticky-note lady, but will mention it as soon as I find out!


Yes! A typewriter is just the tool I need to write my suspense stories. Since there was already a ‘Sherlock’ sort of costume (sorry I didn’t take a picture), I’m glad I chose something different. When I spotted this writer covered with sticky-notes, I knew as writers we ‘belonged together.’

Have you smiled at yourself today? Have you thanked God for what He’s done for you? Go ahead! Try it. But be careful. A smile is contagious! Others might smile back at you.

Have a blessed week. I know I will. How? God’s smiling down on me, and I’m smiling back at Him.

I leave you with a few more pictures.

Blessings always! Renee-Ann <><

IMG_0695 IMG_0769 WIN_20140925_123337 WIN_20140925_132641 WIN_20140925_133320 WIN_20140926_225040 WIN_20140927_142130 WIN_20140927_233934



4 thoughts on “Smile at Yourself ! God’s watching You!

  1. No wonder you are smiling at yourself. I’m sure God is smiling, too. I love your costume and the photos you shared. Now I’m smiling. If you attend ACFW next year, I hope to see you there!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Pamela. I’ve learned to smile when I look at God’s creation. Specially lately, when I look at all the fall colors. Wow, what stunting beauty.

    Making this costume (with my co-worker) was so much fun, and wearing it as well.

    I sincerely hope to attend ACFW in Dallas next year and yes, I too look forward to seeing you there. What a reunion it will be if a bunch of WTPers get together there! <

    Blessings! <

    • Thanks DG. I so appreciate you dropping in. Others have suggested I dress as Angela Lansbury! She is still an icon for many. And yes, those conferences bring such valuable knowledge in any and every writer’s life. I always look forward to the next one and the next one…

      Blessings! Renee-Ann <

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