The Small Things That Matter Most

Last march, I blogged about my husband who is truly a “romantic” in his own way. While some men love to lavish their ladies with such things as diamonds, chocolate, and flowers (nothing wrong with that), my husband knows what matters most to me are the smaller things in life. Like the time he brought me a large piece of cake from his office party. Why? Because it had a pink flower on it. Or when he stopped at the grocery store to pick up something we needed, and picked up a quart of fresh blackberries at the same time, just because he knows I love them. Recently, he came home with a new “glass” his workplace gave each employee, with the company logo on it. But he didn’t bring it home empty. They have a slush machine at work, so he filled it with my favourite flavour. I rarely drink these, but it was terribly hot, (40C – 104F), and it went down  good! Blue Slushie These are the small things that matter to me; special moments that make my day and make me smile!

Now, I have something bigger to share. I’m celebrating, and giving away three paperback copies of an anthology I’ll mail to random winners. Why? Two months ago, Dawn, a dear writer-friend invited me to the RWAC (Romance Writers of America – Canada Chapter) meeting. I write suspense but thought it’d be a nice drive, and interesting to listen to their discussions.  I was right on both counts. And one topic resonated with me.


I had no idea many writers out there are looking for (and paying) freelance literary translators for their novels. But all the way home (2-1/2-hour drive), that’s all I talked about. (Thanks for listening, and putting up with me, Dawn. You’re a doll). The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. And it’s something I CAN do! I was always fascinated with languages, and loved learning them. So in grade 11, I chose my career path: Translator. I’d gone to French school since grade 1, so I applied to attend the English High School for my last year so I could improve before I entered college. The school accepted me, but the government denied me entry. As far as they were concerned,  I was French, I HAD TO attend French school. Period!

I honestly felt like the government was robbing me of my dream, so I never pursued it. (I know I could have, but at 17, I rebelled instead). In 1994, I became an “interpreter” for the deaf members of our church. This was the closest I ever came to translation.

Until now

By reigniting this dream, I’ve just chosen a new career path. It feels great and I want you to celebrate this new start with me. I’m giving away three copies of this anthology.

Falling If you love romance stories, you’re in for a treat. There are 41 beautiful true short stories in this book, and one copy could be yours. To enter, simply leave me a comment below, answering this question:

What are the small things that matter most  to you?

I will draw three names at random on Saturday, July 19.  Until then, take care and blessings for a good week.

Renee-Ann <><

P.S. Congrats to Carole and Gina, the winners of the giveaway. <><


4 thoughts on “The Small Things That Matter Most

  1. The smallest things that matter most to me are using the gigantic impacting small lettered word “no”,

    • Thanks for commenting as well, Gina. Now I must say this is one comment i didnt expect! But I like it! 😀

      Good luck to you as well. And blessings! Renee-Ann <

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