Welcome To The 2014 World Blog Tour

This is my first blog tour and before I dive into this, I need to thank Rebecca (Becky) Waters, author of BREATHING ON HER OWN for inviting me to take part.

rebecca waters

I highly urge you to check her out her novel, and her pages.

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During this tour, each author/blogger needs to answer four questions. Here are my answers:

1)          What am I working on?
Currently, I’m working with my editor on the rewrites of my second manuscript. This is the first round of edits. This novel, Emi’s Prayer is about a teen mom who gives up her son for adoption at birth. Braden is placed with an adoptive couple but soon before the adoption process is complete, Emi changes her mind and wants her son back. Is it too late? Will she get him or will he stay with the other couple? Can anyone do anything to help her? The tentative release date is December 1, 2014, just in time for Christmas. Like Stella’s Plea, my novels are Christian Suspense, all clean reads.

stellaplea1500 (500x800)
2)          How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My novels all have two recurring themes. First, there are other suspense novels that may have deaf characters in their stories. What I do differently is I dispel myths about the deaf community. Not many novels—if any—do that. But I do it within the story. The second theme is that of Christianity. My stories all have at lease one character who’s a lost soul (either never come to Christ, or lost his/her faith at some point). In the story, this character is touched in a special way that it either introduces them or brings them back to God.

3)          Why do I write what I do?

I’ve been involved with the deaf community for many years and they hold a very special place in my heart. Plus to dispel the myths, I need to talk about them in some way or another. But I also want to reach lost souls. It is my desire to write in a way resonates with my readers who perhaps never knew what it meant to accept Jesus as their Savior. Or with the one who turned away from Him, no matter the reason. It is my hope that the words God helped me pen will speak to their heart, and His Grace will lead them to Him.

4)          How does your writing process work?

I have a very simple process. There is no plotting or outlining ahead of time. I start with an idea and go from there, letting the idea develop, and branch off to more ideas. One after the other, I develop scenes and chapters not knowing where I’m going with it. The only thing I planned ahead of time was the main plot line.

For example, in Stella’s Plea, I knew:
–          someone would kidnap Stella’s deaf little girl,
–          and whether she’d be found. Dead or Alive!
What I didn’t know
–          was who took her, and why,
–          How they would find her, if they did. I was halfway through the novel when the idea came to me.
As for programs/software, I use MS Office to write my scenes, but I also use a program called yWriter5. In there, I can keep all my characters’ profiles, pictures, description, etc. It has a text to speech function which I find amazingly helpful. When I’m done writing a scene, I can ‘listen’ to it in yWriter5. It’s quite robotic, yes, but I can hear the typos, and other errors that MS Office didn’t pick up. The best part is that yWriter5 is Free for download.

Now that you’ve seen my answers, go take a peek at Rebecca Water’s blog, and meet two more authors.  Just follow these links:

Gloria Doty is the author of the award-winning book, Not Different Enough. The book is the story of Gloria’s daughter, Kalisha, and their 30 year journey together with autism, Asperger’s, and intellectual disabilities. Gloria is a prolific writer and regular contributor to several publications.

gloria_doty Click here to check out Gloria’s blog, Montage Moments
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Carole Brown, is the award-winning author of The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman and Hog Insane.   carole brown Click here to visit her blog
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Have fun on the tour and don’t forget to leave a comment.


10 thoughts on “Welcome To The 2014 World Blog Tour

    • Thanks Carole for sharing, Carole. Someone did the cover for me and I can’t say how pleased I was. I needed it to “spell” suspense, and it did. 😀

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’d like to do this again with different authors. Not sure when but some day! Soon, I hope. 😀


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