Share The Books: Part II, with Guest Deanne Durrett

It’s Friday and I’m back with a second post of Share the Books. My guest is Deanne Durrett, author of Rogue Trust and Wren’s Nest. What an amazing story she has to share with you. If you’d like to win a FREE download of Wren’s Nest, just leave a comment to enter the draw. And please, remember that if you enjoy the book, the best way to thank an author is a customer review/comment on Amazon, Goodreads, your Facebook Timeline, and Twitter. Without further ado, I’ll let Deanne take over.

Thank you Renee-Ann for inviting me to be a guest on your blog.

First, I want to say that I believe every author who writes under the Christian banner should offer their testimony to their readers. So, here’s mine, the short version: I decided to follow Jesus when I was seven years old. This means I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that I’m committed to following his commandments: Love God and love one another.

You asked how I began my writing career – I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until I was a writer. My husband and I bought a partnership in a small weekly newspaper. One of the partners turned out to be a little shady and the loss of our investment ended our newspaper venture. Except, I received a gold nugget when I heard the editor say, “What this paper needs is some new and fresh writing.” I thought I can do that. (I’m prone to think that way. Don’t know if it’s a blessing or not.) So, I went home and wrote my first column, ‘Tween Us Gals. The editor liked it and my weekly column appeared in that newspaper two years… until I sold my first story to Highlights for Children. After that, I sold many stories and articles and my first Christian novel was published by Abingdon Press in 1985.

And then, God sent a Divine Appointment my way.

Our son’s marriage disintegrated and he came home with a fourth-month-old baby. My writing time almost vanished and I went into full time mothering mode nurturing our son through a broken heart and helping him with his responsibilities as a single dad. During this time, I had new experiences and learned a lot about life!

Over these many years, I’ve studied to show myself a workman, approved under God, that need not be ashamed – Believing that God gave me talents He expects me to use, I took creative writing classes, attended writer conferences, and practiced, practiced, practiced to hone my skills.  I’ve walked through the doors that opened for me and learned from my editors while adding titles to my list of published works – Twenty-two nonfiction books.

About three years ago, the time seemed right to return to my first love, Christian fiction. I joined ACFW and attended conferences to learn more. The door opened to publishing eBooks for Kindle, and I walked through. My books are about people in the right place, at the right time, willing to do God’s will. I thought the first book would have two story lines: how God provided the money for the His plan (Rogue Trust) and the beginning of His plan (Wren’s Nest). As it turned out this made one book too big, so it’s two books. Rogue Trust is romance with a twist of suspense, Wren’s Nest is suspense with a touch of romance, but they both involve a community of characters who are willing to be God’s boots on the ground. Anything can happen on an Ordinary Day in Myrtle Hill.

The idea came from a very small seed that sprouted, and grew, and kept growing. When one of my dearest friends told she would one day be heir to a fortune. Wow! I was happy for her. But then, I realized sudden wealth would bring changes to her life and our relationship. Would she still be my friend with an economic chasm between us? From there the “what ifs” took over. Characters emerged in my head and they dictated the chapters of Rogue Trust.

The idea for Wren’s Nest emerged from Rogue Trust. The characters in Rogue Trust are called to minister/help young women in trouble. Loren (Wren) is the first to arrive seeking help. She’s on the run after her unscrupulous lawyer uncle changes his files to implicate her as the surrogate after the real surrogate disappears. A very shady, and connected, grandfather wants the child he believes to be his grandchild and his hired thugs are on Loren’s trail. How will retired cop Joe Chandler and his buddies protect this young mother and her newborn?

Chronologically, Wren’s Nest follows Rogue Trust, but my next book. Lucy’s Mansion picks up where Rogue Trust ends with Becca waiting for J.T’s first kiss.

Deanne Durrett

Deanne’s blog – Ordinary Days

Click here to download your copy of Wren’s Nest Wrens-Nest-kdp-cover-new-t-187x300

and Rogue Trust 51Pc2yEiY3L._AA200_


2 thoughts on “Share The Books: Part II, with Guest Deanne Durrett

    • It’s my pleasure, Deanne. I started reading Wren’s Nest today and love it already. Looking forward to reading your other books as well. 🙂

      Blessings, Renee-An

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