My Own Book Giveaway – Stella’s Plea

In November 2012, I self-published my first novel, Stella’s Plea, on Amazon and Smashwords. It is a Christian suspense, and a work of fiction.

I remember thinking how hard writing could be, and editing was harder still. However, for me, the hardest part of the process, was promoting and pushing that book to sell. Now that’s a job and a half. And to be honest, it tends to be discouraging when the book doesn’t move. So much so that some want to throw the towel in. Oh, been there…. The temptation was strong… all that hard for what…

But I didn’t give in. I even talked about this in one of my posts. It is hard work but though it may take a while, and for some of us, it takes longer than others, in the end it pays off. We just have to keep at it. The most important thing is to learn from the work we produce and go from there.

Once my novel was formatted, I uploaded it and filled the required information on the website. Then I sat there with my 15-month-old grandson on my lap… and we stared at my screen… and waited. I was petrified to click the Publish button. There were a lot of “what ifs” going through my mind, and if it weren’t for my grandson pressing the space bar, which actually clicked the Publish button, I have no idea how much longer I would have sat there, stared at the screen, and asked a whole lot more “what ifs”.

I’ve learned lessons from this first novel and hope to make the next one better, and the next one after that. Currently, I’m working on my second novel, a court drama about a teenager who gives up her child for adoption but changes her mind before the adoption process is finalized. This book is harder to write because I know very little about the judicial system, and much less about the adoption process. I had to enlist the help of the department of social development that handles adoptions in our area to answer many questions. I know many think one should write about things they know. I see logic in this statement, but Benjamin Disraeli once said “The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it. There’s a lot of truth in that and I’m sure I won’t forget any time soon all I’ve learned in my research for this book.

With this new novel, the hardest hurdle I’ve encountered was to find a lawyer to help me with the court battle itself. I’m still having a hard time getting answers to some of my questions but who knows how many nice lawyers will be reading this post and offering to help me (just kidding!!!!).

Honestly, I love the idea I have for this book. Plus in my stories, I like to dispel myths about the deaf community for readers who aren’t familiar with these people (and surprisingly, there are still many who aren’t).

Last week, Jennifer Beckstrand (the author of the book Kate’s Song, which I so highly recommend) offered to do a giveaway after I reviewed her book. It not only generated more-than-usual  traffic to my blog, and a few more subscription, it was also awesome–and well deserved–publicity for her novel. A Win-Win situation.

This week, I’m giving away copies of Stella’s Plea. (yes I said copies, plural). 🙂


I’ll do things a little different with this draw. First, I’m selecting not ONE but TWO winners. Comments #17 and #27 will win a copy of my novel. Please keep in mind that this book is not in paper format. If you don’t have an eReader and would like to read this and other novels right on your laptop, click on the following link to download the Kindle for PC version. So go ahead and post your comments. I’ll draw for the book on Friday, July 12.

Blessings and Good Luck.



20 thoughts on “My Own Book Giveaway – Stella’s Plea

    • Thanks Joan, Mitch (former university buddy) did a fantastic job.

      And as you mentioned, you already have the book so will not count this comment. Will start counting from the next one, but thanks for dropping by. 🙂



  1. Thanks for sharing the blessings and difficulties of writing, editing & promoting. I’m in process of editing my first novel, so it’s helpful to hear from someone else who’s gone through the difficult process yet has seen the rewards.

    Also, my husband and I have adopted our children and are very familiar with the adoption process. I’m available for interview if you’d like a first-hand account of what it’s like to go through the adoption process. We did have work with mothers who chose to parent their children, and there was no court process involved. Along with our adoption agency and lawyers, we honored the biological mother’s decision, whether to parent or place the child, through the entire process until finalized.

    My heart is grieved by the many novels (& movies) with misinformation about adoption, adoptive families, birthmothers and the legal process–in the end hurting the cause of adoption and misrepresenting those involved–especially the children. I’d be glad share our journey with you so you can have the most thorough research possible 🙂

    • Hi Jenna,

      thank you for signing up for the book giveaway, as well as your kind offer to help me with questions I have. That’s so thoughtful of you.

      I’m amazed at how many people I’ve met who adopted children since I started writing this book. I hit my head against a brick wall several times being unable to find answers to my questions. Some say it’s just fiction, write what you want, but I want it to be ‘life like’. I’ll lose my readers if I ‘make up’ or change the law in my story.

      All the best with your story. It is a long process but so well with the sweat and tears we put into it. Keep in touch.



      • Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile in research and relationships to make your story true-to-life. It’s surprising how many people take fictional accounts of things like adoption at face value. When people hear our adoption story, it’s hard for them to understand because they have to work through all the misconceptions they’ve gained from what they’ve read and seen. Thanks for the work your putting into your coming novel. I pray God will give you abundant strength and wisdom for the writing and publishing process. God bless!

  2. Renee-Ann, I love that your grandson actually hit the publish button! And yes, I know *just* what that feels like, once you’ve hit and the doubt devils set in. Good luck with it!

    No need to enter me in the constest — I’ve already got your book on my Kindle. Now to find some reading time!

    • Thank you so much Nancy. It means a lot, specially coming from you, my ‘red-pen coach’ who read it forward and backward, critiqued it, and helped me soooo much.



  3. Renee-Anne, I loved your novel, Stella’s Plea. It is an amazing story! I have your novel so I don’t need to win one. I’d love to know that thousands read your novel. Just to read that couples can stay together through tough times was a good read for me in this time of my life. Keep going and the best for you, Doris

  4. Keep at it for your own process of achieving your dream. Remember when you could only imagine being a writer of a full length novel? Then an author of a published piece available for anyone to find and read and enjoy? Remember how challenging it seemed to get all of that done and the pride you felt when it was over and don’t despair.

    Everything worthwhile is a long and grueling process. There are still so many having the same small dream of finishing their first novel, be an inspiration to them by understanding you’re one of a select few with that discipline and will power to see your dream become reality.

    Also remember that any feedback you get for Stella’s Plea is easy to fix as it’s in electronic format.

    Thanks for reading and writing, Renee,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Sending You Sammy

    • Thanks Gloria,

      It would be nice to sell “jillions”. I am equally glad to have met you at Write to Publish last year. Hopefully, we’ll meet again either at the same or another writers’ conference.

      Blessings to you.

  5. Love the cover and all the WTP support that is given! God did bring everyone together that week in 2012.

  6. Hello everyone! This has been a very good and busy week and I can’t believe (but GLAD) that Friday’s here already… and It’s time for the giveaway.

    I didn’t get the traffic I’d hoped to get, to draw #7 and #27. Many who posted already have my book, including comment #7. To be fair to everybody, I decided to write the names down on pieces of paper, and I drew two of them. The winners are: (Drumroll please……………………)



    Linda Hall.

    Please watch for an email from me shortly. Congratulations and thank you for taking part.

    Until next time, be blessed.


  7. Hi Renee-Ann!! Did you choose your participants in your contest? I like the cover of the book and it sounds like a great book. Looking forward to reading your book. May God richly bless you!!
    Barbara Thompson

      • Hello again everyone,
        I received an email from one of the winners stating she doesn’t have an ereader therefore, I’m picking another name……. And Lisa, you’ve got yourself a copy of Stella’s Plea. Congrats. Ill be emailing you shortly.



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