My New Scrapbooking/Craft/Etc… Room

This post is not directly related to writing, but a few weeks ago, I shared a picture on my Facebook page and received loads of comments from people who loved the idea. I decided to talk about it. Maybe more people will benefit from it. 

Anyone who does scrapbooking knows it takes a lot of space. And the more space, the better. Last month, my scrapbooking stuff took up what looked like permanent residence on our diningroom table; the chairs…well at least 5 out of 6 as I needed one to sit; the china cabinet; and so on. For the next two to three weeks, these pieces of furniture were literally buried beneath 12×12 papers and card stocks, cute little animal stickers and mounds of various other embellishments, letters and numbers, the list goes on. For a while, all I did outside of work was eat, sleep, and scrapbook. Hey, our grandson was 17 months old and I hadn’t even started his album yet!!!

Finally, I said to my husband (who never once complained about me making just enough room every day for us to eat, only to bury it again when we were done) that I had to do something. But what?? Where else could I set up my stuff? My computer desk certainly  wasn’t big enough. 

I did an internet search and after looking at a lot of great and beautiful ideas, found the perfect set up. Hubby agreed it was perfect! We went  to a few building supplies stores looking for an 8-foot countertop decently priced. I never realized how costly they were. When I explained to the clerk what I needed it for, and that I didn’t really care if it was neon green… well, almost didn’t care… she told us our best bet was to call around and ask for “missed-cut” pieces.

That’s what we did. Home Hardware had an 8-foot piece they were trying to get rid of. But it wasn’t a missed-cut. Instead of the standard 25-inch depth, this one was 36 inches. I was ecstatic. Yay! As said, the more space, the better.

We now needed two cabinets, to support this counter but also for storage. Wow! These vanities weren’t cheap either, even without the sink! By the time we arrived at the checkout counter, the young clerk told us the manager had lowered the price. Thank you!!! Sounds like they were as ecstatic to get rid of that big piece as I was acquiring it.

After putting it all together, we set up the cubes at the back. They’re 12 inches in depth, which still gives me 24 iches of space to work with. I bought these cubes at Zellers a while back but anyone interested in getting some, they’re discounted right now because Zellers is closing its doors.

I love them because they hold so much (though not ALL I’ve got). The two tackle boxes make perfect storage containers, specially the small embellishments… These boxes also come in very handy when I take everything with me to scrap elsewhere. And of course, I couldn’t be without my Cutting Edge Tote (thanks Nat, my favorite niece!), my accordion storage folder for my 12×12 papers, and my sticker album (thank you, hubby).


So  this is what my new craft room looks like. I have all the space I need and absolutely love it. The best part is that I can use if for tons of other things. Yes, even writing.

If anyone’s wondering what’s on the wall in the left corner, that’s my keychain collection. Almost 700 of them. But that’s another story all together! 

I’d be curious to see other craft rooms. Let me know what yours look like.




4 thoughts on “My New Scrapbooking/Craft/Etc… Room

  1. Love your new craft set up Renee-Ann.A few years ago I had my brother’s family living with me for 2 years.I had to do everything from a desk in my bedroom. That’s when digital scrapbooking became my saviour. I even mad a bunch of tutorials on how to do it. All my tactile stuff had to be confined to card making because or the restricted space and i’m a very messy worker. Now i have a room to myself and it’s wonderful. But i still remember those crapmed years.

    • Thanks K. I can relate to you and I’m very happy you now have your own space. 🙂

      I really liked other craft rooms but because of the space–or lack thereof– in this room, it was hard to rearrange things because of the window on one wall, and a closet and entry on another wall. So by trading my computer desk for a smaller corner station, it left the entire back wall–12 feet–to set this up. My sister actually put the three leaves in her diningroom table when she scraps. I just use all my chairs! hahaha



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