Unauthorized Access – Andrew McAllister

unauthorised access

I’ve always enjoyed a great “whodunit” book; the kind that keep you guessing from the first page to the last. Face it though, there are a lot of suspense sub-genres: Romantic, Military, Political Thriller, International… you name it, it’s out there.

Recently a new member joined our online writing group, Andrew McAllister, and he writes suspense. I was curious which sub-genre he was into. I didn’t need to wonder too long because upon learning that I was a book blogger/reviewer, Andrew asked if I would read and write a review of his novel, Unauthorized Access. I quickly said yes… and wondered if I’d been too eager. No offense, I love suspense, though not necessarily ALL its sub-genres. Did he write the kind I like? Oh well, I’d said yes and I’m a woman of my word. So I would give it an honest try.

He sent me the e-book version (an advantage of being a reviewer, free books!), which I set aside as I already had one book on the go. When I picked it up, I was in for the surprise of my life. First of all, Andrew’s book is not a “whodunit” story. He tells his readers from the beginning ‘who did what’. Still, I was totally captivated with this novel.

Unauthorized Access is the story of Rob Donovan, a computer programmer who is framed for a successful cyber-attack on an American bank. Customers are furious; some close their accounts and take their business elsewhere. The bank’s survival depends on Rob to fix the damage with a team. That is, until he’s charged him with the crime. Facing jail time, not to mention the loss of Lesley, the love of his life, Rob needs to figure out who set him up. The only way he can do this, however, is to find him—or her first.

I couldn’t put this book down. I read it—at work between calls—in three days which is very unusual for me. I normally take a week or more. I literally devoured this book.

For a first novel, I found it incredibly well written and full of “Oh no! What next?” It’s a real page turner. Andrew McAllister does a fantastic job with his clear descriptions of the characters and places, thus bringing the reader into the story with him. He’s also very unpredictable, something I love about suspense novels. Every time I thought something was going to happen, he threw a plot twist and something else took place instead. That’s my kind of books.

The biggest problem I’ve come across since finishing that book last Thursday, was finding another great book, one that at least compares with this one. Oh I know there tons of them out there… but I’m still looking.

I’ve yet to meet in person this fine author and shake his hand, but for now I say Kudos to you, Andrew, for a job superb job on a first novel.


6 thoughts on “Unauthorized Access – Andrew McAllister

  1. What a great review, I love the way who have wrote this blog. Andrew’s cover and this review has me wanting to read his novel. I have it downloaded and it will be my next read, thank you.

  2. Hi Renee-Ann, I posted today on my Facebook timeline that we indie authors should all be grateful and supportive of book review bloggers. I suggested folks should stop in and say “Hi” to our favourite reviewers. So … hi :o) I appreciate what you do!

    • Good morning Andrew, and Hi to you too!
      I believe it’s just as important for bloggers to support indie authors. Or any authors for that matter. Specially when they are local. Woo Hoo! 🙂
      I tried to go to your Facebook page but their server is acting up this morning. Will try again in a bit.
      Keep smiling. And thanks for dropping in. It’s always nice to see you here.

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