This Fine Life: Review and Book Giveaway

I love books and how they speak to me; they move me to tears whether in a heart-wrenching or heart-warming way; they make me see myself in the story even if I wasn’t born or was very young then; and sometimes things and events are so well described, I can actually see everything through the characters’ eyes.

Wow… Not every author can to write in such a way. But…

Recently, I attended Write to Publish, a Christian writers’ conference in the Chicago area. That’s where I met Eva Marie Everson, gifted author of the book This Fine Life, and the focus of today’s blog. Eva Marie is one of those authors who can do what I described above. So today, I’m going to do something new. I’m going to give away a copy of her book, This Fine Life. All you need to do is leave me a comment at the bottom, and post a link to your Facebook and/or Twitter page. Read on and get your name in to win.

This Fine Life takes place in 1959 in Georgia, where Mariette Puttnam graduates from boarding school and returns home. While Dad wants her to go one way and Mother another, Mariette doesn’t know what to do next. Should she go to college (Dad’s wish), start looking for work, or perhaps get married and settle into a family life of her own (yes, that’s what Mom would like her to do)?

She meets Thayne Scott, a handsome young man, falls in love and marries him, despite her parents’ objections. It gets even more interesting when Thayne, a devout Christian, heads off to seminary, but Mariette isn’t sure where her faith—or lack thereof—stands. Going to church sure doesn’t make one a Christian—or a believer, for that matter. One thing is for sure, she doesn’t have a personal relationship with God. The rest of the story takes you on a beautiful journey down ‘marriage lane’. Their relationship is no different than anyone else’s and when things don’t go as hoped or planned, they encounter some speed bumps.

This isn’t an “always happy ever after” kind of story. It is a tale of friendship and love, hurt and disappointments, patience, mercy, and trust. They face a wall of obstacles, whether they face the ‘wall’ dead on and climb over it or take the easier route and go around it, only the love of God can help them overcome each one of them.

Told from Mariette’s point of view, the story is beautifully written in a way that makes it easy for the reader to see and feel everything Mariette’s senses experience. It is funny and sad, witty, there’s never a dull moment. Everson takes you over the bumps until all you feel is smooth sailing. You will hear Mariette’s laughter; wipe your tears as you feel her joy and sorrow, disappointments and even hurts.

If you were born in the 50s or 60s, you’ll be taken back to an era where everything was so different: clothes, music, hairstyles. It took me back a few years but it felt good “hearing” some of the songs that played on the jukebox. I never give away spoilers so you will have to read it. Trust me though; you’ll be glad you did.

When I read this book, something that was very special was that, having met Eva Marie, I remembered her beautiful southern accent and I could hear it in the protagonist’s voice. It was as though Eva Marie was reading the book. It was priceless. Now I look forward to reading more of her books.

If you want to be entered in today’s contest, leave a comment and don’t forget to link to your Facebook and/or Twitter page.


17 thoughts on “This Fine Life: Review and Book Giveaway

  1. Loola like a great book to read! I am happy to hear that you had a great time at the writers conference recently

  2. It sounds like a book that I would enjoy reading. I could escape all my latest challenges.
    Take care Renee. My FB Link is Penny Gee..

  3. Another great book to read! It sounds as though the book took you back to another time and place. Don’t you love it when that happens? Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. very interesting…makes a person like me who doesn’t read a lot, want to read and find out the end of the story… 😀

  5. Yes, for those who dont read a lot, or read/write different genre, this book is sure to please. It’s a light read yet it has the “oh no!!!” kind of scenarios that keep you guessing that’s going to happen next. It’s great.

    • Good morning, and yes, this is a great book to read and share with others.

      I want to thank everyone for taking part. Cheryl Dupuis is the winner of the book giveaway contest. Be sure to come back as I hope to give away a free book each month. Congrats Cheryl. Enjoy the book.

      Blessings, Renee-Ann <

  6. ACK!!!!! I should read the whole comments before I asked you that question! I am the winner???? wooo. Soooo what’s next for me to receive it?

    • Yes you did. Congrats.

      I thought you would have received the book by now. She “friended” you to get your address to mail it to you. Did you not get the notification? If not, I will contact her. :))

      You’ll love it.



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