Prides’s Run – Cat Kalen

In my last 2 posts, I talked about reading a certain genre for the first time. While I’m used to Christian “whodunit” types of books, I’ve read of the importance of expanding our reading, so that’s what I did. Within limits, of course. Yes, there are some books I just won’t read but that’s another post.

I started with a paranormal. I liked it so much, I decided to read another. Same genre, different author. However, inadvertently, I downloaded the wrong book, thus setting myself up for, let’s just say, something a little spicier than what I’m used to. It was a romantic suspense. Both these books had a very good story line and had me from the get go. Needless to say, I wanted to know what would happen, “whodunnit” and that sort of thing, so I pressed on. Yes, with the spicy one too. You can read past two blogs for more on these two books.

I ended up finding and reading the paranormal I was originally supposed to download. It is called Pride’s Run, by Cat Kalen. This story is very different from the first paranormal I read. Same genre but totally different approach, style, etc.

Let me tell you about this wonderful book.

Pride is a 17-yr-old tracker/shape-shifter who was raised to kill for her master, a drug lord. Her chance to run came when she was sent to capture Logan, another shape-shifter. At first, one can only wonder if she’ll ever trust him. Thankfully, Logan is patient and he gives her the space and time she needs. For now! But can Pride ever let her guards down? Will Logan get tired of waiting and/or run in the opposite direction? Will her crush on him help or hinder her?  Two other reviews put it this way:

“…once I looked past the paranormal aspects of the story, I was really reading about man’s ability to justify inhumane acts against his fellow creatures whether human or animal…”  (very good description).


“…Ms Kalen’s story delves into the minds and hearts of an enslaved people. Using a paranormal element she shows the horror of slavery and brings home the truth that no matter a person’s race, no man has the right to own another…”  (very well said).

I have to say I enjoyed Pride’s Run very much and was not disappointed. In fact, I loved the ending, so much I wanted more. (sorry, no spoiler here, you’ll have to read it for yourself). Okay, let me put it this way:

Vanilla ice cream is good but at times, boring on its own. Add chocolate syrup and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat so good, you’ll want more.

Pride’s Run is more than just plain vanilla ice cream. It’s got chocolate syrup to liven it up and even a cherry to top it off. Hey, isn’t that what they call “Show Don’t Tell” principle?

Anyone who likes YA Paranormal will not be disappointed with Pride’s Run. Personally, I look forward to reading other novels by this talented writer. Way to go Cat Kalen.

Next time, I’ll be blogging my trip to Chicago for the Write To Publish Conference, which is this week, May 30 to June 2. Just two more sleeps. But who’s counting?

Until then,  take care and God bless.



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