Mixed Genre? Why not?

What do you get when you mix action with lot of romance, a murder, suspense, and other little things? A great read packed with intrigue and bursting at the seam.

That’s what Barbara Phinney did with her latest novel, Souvenirs of a killer vacation. When Anna’s husband is found dead in a motor home, Anna becomes the prime suspect. Many things point to her being the killer. The police build a valid case against her with valid reasons. He’d verbally and emotionally abused her throughout their married life and she’d had enough. But would she go as far as killing him in order to get out of this marriage? Wouldn’t a divorce be enough? That’s for me to know, and for you to find out.

What I liked most about the book is that Phinney keeps the reader guessing. Is Anna the murderer? Or, was it the young man with whom her husband had an altercation? He knew her husband had a lot of money and this young man was, well, in need of some. Or better yet could it be . . . who would want him dead and why? There are many possibilities. And Phinney had me guessing for a while.

In the process of trying to clear her name, Anna finds herself falling for former Special Operations Commander, Brent Stirling . . . and he for her. While Anna claims that she didn’t kill her husband, Brent seems to be the only one who believes her. Or does he? Get the book. I highly recommend it and you won’t be disappointed.


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