If Bullfrogs Had Wings, book by Lee Carey

When I enjoy a book, I like to blog about it. And for two main reasons:

1- it gives me pleasure to share with you what I read;

2- it promotes the book.

For those who like to read YA books, this one is definitely for you. I first read about If
Bullfrogs Had Wings
in a newsletter from Amazon. The title struck me but more so the synopsis. There was just something about it that said “You’re going to like this book.” So I listened to the still small voice and I’m so glad I did.

Bullfrogs is set in the late 1950’s. It’s about 2 teenagers/best friends who, instead of working in the coal mine with their fathers, prefer to seek employment as caddies at the golf club. They want to work in the great outdoors instead of in the deep darkness and dusty pit below the coal mountain. But there’s a price to pay. They have to face some of the rich folks – and/or their kids – who look down on these “poor” miners.

Lee Carey takes you on an unforgettable journey between the rich and the poor, between these two teens and the adults (and their kids) they face on the rich neighbourhood,
but best of all, it shows you the faith of a teenager who believes there is good and bad in everyone and everything. Best of all, it teaches you about the value of family and friendship and how far one is willing to go for the ones he loves.

If, like myself, you tend to be emotional, I guarantee you will laugh and you will cry. It is a page-turner-can’t-put-it-down kind of a book and it will have you ask for more. Oh but wait, guess what, there IS more.

The sequel, Out of the Rough, begins 2 years later.  I don’t want to create a spoiler of the first book, so let me just say that the transition from one book to the next is so
smooth, you’ll think you’re still reading the first one. It’s that well done. From what I read so far, it too will have you in tears and in stitches.

I just finished Bullfrogs and started Rough Sunday morning. I’m not a fast reader but I’ve got quite a bit of it read. I strongly recommend these books. It’s very well written, full of surprises when you least expect it, humour, and yes, tears. But it helped me to see what life was like in those days, the sacrifice some people had to make, and the rewards in
the end.

Lee Carey has several other books which you will find on his website. In the meantime, happy reading.




2 thoughts on “If Bullfrogs Had Wings, book by Lee Carey

  1. Hi Renee =Ann, I love your blog! Thanks for the read, I myself have been so down and depressed with my broken leg/ ankle I couldn’t do or feel like doing anything. Thanks to our group I have been able to keep going. Norah is my inspiration to keep going. She has done leaps and more to keep me going; thank you Norah. There’s only one comment I wanted to say Renne- Ann and that is that when Ruth read a few chapters for me I say her comments as a huge blessing. She has me now focused on where to go and this time I’m going to do it all over when my foot gets better. Your doing great; keep it going, Doris-Lee

  2. Hi Doris,
    and thanks for your kind words.

    I know exactly what you mean as Stella (Ruth) and Norah have been a great help for me as well, along with everyone else in the group, including you. It’s wonderful to be in a writing group where each one lends such tremendous support to and encouragement for the others, we can’t help but get better at it.

    I hope your leg gets better faster as each day passes by. With any luck, we’ll see you at the
    “Words Fall” conference in St Andrews next month. Blessings to you.


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