First, there’s Parenthood. . . and then there’s Grandparenthood

For those who follow my blog, you know I write a little bit about everything. I usually try/like to talk about books I’ve read, sharing with you what I like about them and so on. I also like to talk about writing, a past time I enjoy immensely.

But this current post will be more personal. It’s about an event, a new milestone if you wish, in our lives; that of becoming grand-parents.

I always loved (and always will) being a mother to our two sons. We had our ups and downs; we cried tears of joy and tears of sadness, and no, we didn’t get along every minute of every day. But I loved my boys then, and I still love then today. Now that they’ve moved out and started a new life, I miss spending time with them.

Brian, the oldest, now lives two provinces away where he works as a certified welder/millwright with a major company. He’s doing very well for himself. Sadly we don’t see him often and I miss him to bits.

Terrence works as a heavy equipment operator for a major contractor, and also does very well for himself. But he lives a mere 10 minutes from our house, and I enjoy every second I spend with him and Hannah, the love of his life.

Two weeks ago, Terrence called my cell phone while I was at work. As in many call centres, I’m not allowed to answer my cell while I’m working and though it was set to ‘silent’, I saw it flash while i was on a business call. Since i couldn’t answer, and Terrence needed to let me know something of utmost importance, he sent me a text message. My boss, who was well aware that I was expecting “the call any day now”, allowed me to check my messages between calls. My eyes grew big as I read what it said:

“Hannah’s in labour.”

Short and sweet. He neither had the need nor the time to say anymore. But I believe what he was trying to say wsa “Hurry up Mom.”

I’ve always wanted to be there when my kids needed me, and though i wouldnt be in the delivery room, i wanted to be just outside, in case my son needed me. I certainly didn’t expect it would be a quick delivery, since Aidan John was Hannah’s first child. And I was near the end of my shift, so I replied to Terrence that I’d be there soon.

I got on the bus shortly after 3 pm, arrived at the hospital in less than half an hour, and went up to Labour and Delivery. Norm, Hannah’s father arrived moments later, and my husband followed suit soon afterward.

It wasn’t until later that evening, at 11:20, that Aidan John was born, strong, healthy and beautiful. And Terrence, my baby became a father. Wow! I can’t believe he’ll be 30 this fall. It still blows me away.

My sister had told me there were no words to describe the feeling of being a grandparent for the first time, holding your grandchild shortly after his birth, talking to him, seeing his first smile, loving him with all your heart. No, there are no ways/no words/no-how to
describe this feeling. She was absolutely right.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t describe how I felt when Terrence came out to the waiting room where hubby and I patiently waited with Hannah’s father, to tell us Aidan John was born, with all his fingers and toes, a lot of dark hair and a cute little nose, and that mother and child were doing fine. He showed us the few pictures he’d taken in the delivery room. We were speechless (and for those who know me, you know it doesn’t happen to me often).

It seemed like forever before Hannah was settled in her room, and they finally told us we could go see her and the baby. It was getting very late by then and everyone was getting tired, though it was a “good” tired. You know what I mean, that feeling when adrenaline kicks in and you have no idea how you’re putting one foot in front of the other or how you can actually keep your eyes opened, but you do anyway.

But despite that, we felt another indescribable feeling, as we congratulated her, spoke to her a while, heard that when she heard AIdan John cry for the first time, she too began too cry. I get all choked up when i think about it.

And then, we had a chance to hold Aidan John, for the first time. My sister was right, I can’t describe how it felt. Even my husband who doesn’t express himself very was all smiles, and bore a look of pride in the pictures they took of us holding Aidan John in our arms.

We went to bed well after 2 am, and I had to be at work by 7, but hey, the adrenaline kicked in once again and thanks to a Caffeine-loaded Cappuccino, I managed to keep my eyes opened all day and even made it back to the hospital that evening. (Need i say that i slept very good that night?)

Children are a wonderful blessing from God, and I wouldn’t trade mine for all the gold in the world. Unlike the old saying that says a grandchild is a parents’ revenge on their own children, I say they are just as much a blessing and I look forward to every moment I can spend with Aidan John. He is, after the reason for this milestone.

Aidan John is very special, not only to his parents, but also to us, his grandparents. He also bears an exceptional name. Terrence and Hannah chose the name Aidan for their first child and I love the sound of it. When I asked Terrence what they chose for a middle name, he said something I’ll never forget.

“John.” What’s so exceptional about John?

John was my brother, and he passed away at the young age of 22. Although Terrence was very young when it happened, he decided to “honour” John’s memory through Aidan, thus the name Aidan John.  (I love the sound of both names together even more!)

That’s not all. I love genealogy. John was the only boy in our family, he’d never married and had no children. I didn’t want my father’s name to end with my sister and I, so when I married, I kept my maiden name. I also gave both my children my maiden name with the hope that someday, they may have sons of their own and our family name would continue.

When we found out that Hannah was carrying a boy, my husband smiled and said to me: You got your wish. Your father’s name will continue. This, to me, is what’s so exceptional about that name.

I’ve seen Aidan John so many times since that wonderful evening. The next day and the next day, and the next day… you get my point! I took loads of pictures upon pictures… I know you get that point too. At one point, Terrence – who doesn’t like to be the centre of attention – even asked me to stop snapping that camera in front of his face.

I can’t. I have to keep “recording” these precious moments with my son and Hannah and now, with my grandson, moments that I want to cherish for as long as I live. After all, as Proverbs 17:6 says:

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.”

In my 51 years (minus a month!!!), I’ve been a wife, mother, teacher, helper, daycare worker, cook, baker, nurse, housekeeper, and so much more. In some people’s mind, I may not be considered “aged” yet, but that’s ok if others want to call me that. I’ve borne each of the above titles with pride.

But you can now call me grandmother. It’s a name I’m proud to carry and will do so with
utmost humility.

P.S. Stay tuned for my next post. I have to tell you about a book I’m reading right now, If Bullfrogs Had Wings, by Lee Carey. I’m almost done reading it. It’s sbsolutely awesome and I can’t say enough about it. So check back real soon.




2 thoughts on “First, there’s Parenthood. . . and then there’s Grandparenthood

  1. Beautiful experience you have described to witness the joy of the grandson being born and the celebration of the family. I love the feeling of the expereince. God brings joy, love, and happiness to the believers of His creation. Blessing to you, family, and your grandchild.

    • Good morning Kathern… it’s had to believe Aidan is already 14 months. But what a joy to have him around.

      His daddy is gone out west to work. I miss him dearly already yet he just less than two weeks ago.

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