Proud to be Canadian? Yeah right! ! !

Am I the only one who didn’t stay up to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final last night? Probably! I’ll tell you why in a moment.

As people gathered in front of television screens, whether at home or in a club, I went to bed. I woke up just shortly after midnight, and made my way to the TV set. I assumed the game was now over and just wanted to see the score.

What I saw, however, other than the 4-0 score for Boston, appalled me. There had been talks about riots and everyone expected it would happen but it shocked me just the same.

People lined the streets downtown Vancouver flipping cars and then, kicking them (as if kicking was going to make much difference and damage since it was now sitting on its roof, all banged up… that must have been a DUH moment for these attention-seekers).

Then, they lit garbage cans and on fire (did anyone bring marshmallows and wieners??).

Then, what’s a riot without broken windows at local banks, Starbucks, and I think Sears (?), (I’m sure these businesses were to blame for the loss of the Vancouver Canucks!NOT!!!);

And of course, they had to beat each other up because THEIR team lost.

On a side note, none of these people who did all this damage seemed to stop and think about the tons of others with cell phones and cameras, videotaping them and putting their pretty faces on the internet!!! Don’t they have any pride? Or are they too lame to even care?

As I watched in AWE (correction, I meant to say horror and dismay), it suddenly hit me how embarrassing it is to be on the Canadian side of the border watching this happen along with the rest of the world who must think what sore losers Canadians are!).

Right now, I’m just thankful that I’m not from British Columbia. In fact, I’m from the East Coast and I’ve traveled as far as Alberta! BC is the only Western province I’ve never set  foot in. RAt this point, part of me doesn’t intend to do so either.

Is THIS how we, Canadian deal with loss? Ouch! If so, it doesn’t say much about us, does it!?!?!

While most everyone I know wanted Vancouver to win because it’s a Canadian team, all I can say is Congrats Boston Bruins, game very well-played. From the replays I saw, Tim Thomas played extremely well, and has everything to be proud of. So do Bergeron and Marchand for their goals.

I don’t understand why the Canucks fans can’t be proud that their team made it to the Stanley Cup finals. That alone was a great achievement. They obviously played very well this season to make it this far. Yes it’s disappointing to make it that far, and lose. But why can’t they look at that big picture. They beat the other teams to make it this far.

So back to my original question…

Why didn’t I watch the game last night? For the same reason I no longer watch hockey. I hate hockey. Correction, I hate what hockey has become.

I grew up in a family where every Saturday night, Dad and my uncles gathered together to watch the hockey game. My Mom and my aunts played a game of Canasta at the kitchen table. I went back and forth between both games. I remember watching Guy Lafleur, Maurice Richard, and so many others play without helmets. How often did they get injured? Not half as much as the guys who today get taken out on stretchers with broken bones and concussions.

Whatever happened to our National Sport? Where is the pride we put in Hockey in years gone by? Hockey has become:

A fight for greed (their salary is absurd, I don’t believe any player in any sport is worth that kind of money),

A fight for a puck and cup (regardless of the cost, whether a bloody nose or broken back),

And of course, don’t forget the riots that take place afterwards. Can’t forget those.

I just read a comment on the Globe and Mail stating “We have to remember those weren’t hockey fans trashing the most beautiful city in the world last night; they were thugs and thieves and lunatics.” My husband asked, if they had played the game elsewhere, would this riot have taken place in Vancouver??? I’m not going to attempt to answer that!

I also saw a young woman who seems very proud to be from BC, and my heart went out to her when she spoke in front of the TV camera, saying this should have never happened. She’s right. There was no need for this.

I am totally disgusted at the sights I saw on TV, and to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t stay up to watch it.

In fact, at a time like this, when so-called fans show this kind of attitude and destroy everything in sight, it’s embarrasing and I even hate to admit I’m Canadian.


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