March 2011 – WIN Blog/Brunch

I don’t think today could have been more perfect. The weather was perfect for people to go out – it was warm enough that I had a window opened until about 5:30 p.m. – and if it stays this way I’ll be at the WIN meeting Monday night. The company was great. And so was the food . . . there was a lot by the way . . .  But best of all, we had a great time.

For those of you who were here today, Chris, Louise, Doris, Dawn and Lisa, a heartfelt thank you for coming. Let me also say thank you for leaving the leftovers, this means I don’t have to buy groceries for another week!!! I forget who brough the pie but hubby is enjoying it. Oh is he ever! 🙂

For those of you who couldn’t join us, this post is especially for you. We had so much fun (no I’m not rubbing it in) and let me begin by saying that we missed you all. We even talked about you . . . um… i think it was all good ! ! !

We began at 11 a.m. with the business side of things, discussing the stories that are due in April – yeah, you know the ones we’re all working on – you ARE all working on your three stories from the prompts, right??? Right, of course you are!

I just had to say this because, since the book is only coming out at the end of the year, AND since I missed almost 2 months of meetings, I forgot that the three stories have to be finished before April’s end so the group can read and let us know which is the best . . . thanks for the reminder Louise, I’ll get right to it.

I’m sure I can speak for the others when I say “Thanks” to Chris and Louise for their help with the blogs. Not only did they help with linking our blog to the WIN site, they also helped Doris set/start hers up. Until today, I wasn’t sure if we needed to set up a new blog “within” the WIN website or just link an original blog to it.

And of course, once the order of business was done, we all dove into the food. Let me see, there was: Caesar Salad, veggie tray, cheese tray, quiche, vegetable lasagna, sun dried tomato sausage and linguini, and loads of desserts (cookies, muffins, banana cream pie, berry cobbler).

I apologize for not offering anyone any salad dressing (I had a DUH moment). I rarely use salad dressing and although I have some in the fridge (probably for guests…) I don’t think to offer any . . . that’s probably why it  lasts so long! LOL

I mentioned an author today, as I know some of you are writers and readers of vampire stories. I read a blog last week about a young 26-year-old author named Amanda Hocking, who became a millionaire in just one month, after self-publishing her books online. The article talks about the advantage of self-publishing which I found most interesting, and for those of you who like these kinds of stories, you might like Amanda’s books.

Also, I want to mention a few other writers. Well worth mentioning as they are New Brunswickers.

Norah Wilson: Needing Nita

Lina Gardiner: Grave Illusions

Stella MacLean: A Child Changes Everything

Barbara Phinney: Silent Protector also at Love Inspired Suspense

Linda Hall: Critical Impact

Gail MacMillan: A Wolf in Winter

Joan Hall Hovey: Night Corridor

Carol McPhee: Shadowed Pursuit

There are several others whose website I don’t have. But you can check these out and if you join the group, you’ll get to meet several published and aspired authors like you.

Have a good weekend everyone and see you (hopefully) Monday night.





4 thoughts on “March 2011 – WIN Blog/Brunch

  1. Great post Renee-Ann. You forgot to mention your lovely home and your hospitality which made us feel very much at ease and at home :o) Hope your hubby will enjoy all the left-overs and that you won’t have to make your lunches this week :o)

    • Hi Louise, and thanks.

      Hubby loves the pie and if I didn’t stop him, I think he would have brought the rest of it to the “man cave” where he’s watching TV. Oh man, if only I could eat like he does and not gain any weight.

      As for my “lovely” home, thank you. We think of it as one of the many blessings from God above. We love it here. In an earlier post called “Count Your Blessings”, I talk about how God brought us to this place. I still can’t get over how He pulled that one off.

      Take care and hope we can do this again. Hope to see you all Monday evening.



  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it. If these are still going on in April I just may be able to get out to a few. Sounds like you had a blast and I think almost everyone has started a blog which is exciting!!

    But with all the reading and commenting I wonder when we’ll get time to write our own blogs and stories 🙂

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