Are you ready for Christmas?

It’s been a while since I posted anything in here but things have been so busy, I didn’t realize that we were THIS close to Christmas.

Personally I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. It seems that just yesterday it was just the beginning of fall. Just yesterday, weren’t we raking leaves, getting ready for Thanksgiving and then carving pumpkins for Halloween. (Yes for some of us, Thanksgiving comes before Halloween!).

Before we knew it, it was time for all the practices for the Christmas production at our church. The choir starts practicing in October. Some of us “interpret” this production for the Deaf Community and by November’s end, I had attended several of the rehearsals. A huge performance such as this one, one can’t just “wing it”. It needs hours of preparation. On December 3, we interpreted the Christmas performance… wow… seems like it was yesterday. 3 weeks ago already? Where did time go?

So how ready are we for Christmas that seems to have crept up on us like a thief in the night? Well, for starters, looking out the window, it sure doesn’t look like Christmas. But then again, what is Christmas supposed to look like? For some of us in the North-eastern part of the continent, Christmas usually means that there is snow on the ground. But there’s none at all this year. In fact, it’s been raining since Tuesday, with very high winds, and temperatures have been hovering on the plus side.

I suggested to a friend this morning that perhaps, this Christmas, we should pretend we’re on the south side of the border. Like in Florida maybe? Okay, so not that far south. It is not that cold in Florida, is it? Um… I just checked the weather in Orlando, Florida, it is currently 12o C. Here, it’s 2 o C.

The thing is, regardless where we are this Christmas season, we need to remember the true reason for the season. Why do we celebrate Christmas? It has become so commercialized that with some (and I heard this with my own ears), it’s all about who’s going to get the most… and biggest… and most expensive presents. Thanksfully, this is NOT what Christmas is all about.

When people ask me if I’m ready for Christmas, I can easily say I’m ready 365 days a year. I may not have all my shopping and baking done but I’m still ready. To me, presents and turkey and mistletoe are not the reasons for the season. Christmas is not about the time spent with family and friends.

To me, Christmas is all about celebrating (the birth of Jesus Christ who came to this earth for salvation of all men. He is the best present anyone could get. And the best part is… we can make this happen in someone’s life. This Christmas season, won’t you stop for a moment, and share the news of Jesus Christ with someone you love?

I’m ready for Christmas. Are you?


4 thoughts on “Are you ready for Christmas?

  1. Now I am. I have been so caught up in my ‘to-do’ list that I needed your gentle reminder to breathe in the wonder of His coming! Christmas eve service at church later today will further help my focus. Thanks, and Merry Christmas! (We do have a little snow on the ground in Michigan)

  2. Just remember that you’re not alone… we all get caught up in things… myself included. But as long as we remember the reason for the season, that’s all that really matters.

    We have a little bit of snow on the ground this morning and i mean, very little. You can see the grass poking through the light dusting. However… the temperatures are quite colder than what it has been so i doubt it will melt.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.


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