Happy Thanksgiving 2010 To All My Family And Friends

Thanksgiving weekend always brings mixed emotions for me. While I’m thankful for the wonderful blessings God has bestowed upon me, I’m also reminded of a tragic loss in our family. Thanksgiving weekend 1984, on October 7, my brother passed away in a house fire. I miss him dearly.

A mere 18 months later, we lost Dad. And in February 2007, we lost Mom. But I’m thankful for the years we had together. Now there’s only Sis and I left in our immediate family.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I thank God for:

1. My husband of many years (married 22, together 25) – so many people are alone;

2. My children – some women can’t have any;

3. My sister (and her family) – there were 3 children in our family, but only 2 remain;

4. My in-laws – some people just don’t get along with theirs;

5. My old friends – Janice, Cheryl, Mike, thanks for always being there for me;

6. My new friends – Ruth, Lina, Barbara, Janet, writing gave me the opportunity to meet published and aspired authors;

7. My home – not just the roof over my head but the bed I sleep in. Some sleep on the street;

8. The food that I eat – I’ve been to Africa and have seen first-hand what hunger can do;

9. My job – many can’t (or refuse to) work;

10. My health – there’s always someone worse off than I am.

And for all the things which more often than not I take for granted – the beautiful Autumn colours that leave breathtaking scenery; the sun that shines through my window and makes me feel cozy and warm inside while it’s cold outside; and so much more. I could go on but will stop and simply say:

This is my list. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend?


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2010 To All My Family And Friends

  1. Hmm, brought tears to my eyes as you recognized the ‘have not’s’ along side what you are thankful for. We have several weeks yet before our American Thanksgiving celebration. So much of what you listed resonates with me as well. Thanks for inspiring me to refresh a list of my own. One item I will include now: the ability to create and enjoy music. Some can not hear it at all. Some can not appreciate its beauty and its soothing of the spirit. This was a beautiful and heart felt post.

  2. Thank you. I’m glad these simple words touched your heart in some way.

    I love your ‘profile’. I too am a wife, sister, aunt, cousin….. and most of what you listed, but most of all, I’m a Jesus Follower!

    I enjoyed your ‘7 month plan’. Will post my comment in your blog.



  3. Hi Renee-Ann,
    I enjoyed reading what you are thankful for, including your reasons. Today I am thankful for peace.
    God Bless,

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