Did anyone lose a suitcase?

This is no laughing matter! We recently returned home from a week’s vacation in Alberta with my sister and her family. Our early morning flight from Moncton to Toronto was uneventful. We ate breakfast at Tim Horton’s before we boarded the plane to Edmonton. But on the flight from Toronto to Edmonton . . . 

Behind us was a young couple with their daughter who was about 2 yrs old, if that. The little girl was repeating the same thing over and over but neither of her parents understood what she was saying. I love to hear the chatter of children and I smiled at my husband as we too, tried to figure out what she was saying. It sounded like the word “tractor”, although there was none in sight.

As the plane slowly backed up, preparing for take-off, we heard “Oh! Oh!” coming from further back behind us. Many heads, including mine and my husband’s, turned to look out the window. There, on the tarmac at the end of gate C-26, was a single large suitcase.

My mouth dropped as others began to chuckle, wondering if its owner was on board and how he/she must feel. I couldn’t help but smile, but not because it was funny. My husband was quick to remind me that I wouldn’t smile if it was mine. And he was right. I quickly reached for my cell phone and snapped a picture. Oh the joys of technology. (unfortunately, I don’t have the USB cable to run from cell phone to computer!)

Once in the air, I looked in amazement at the clouds underneath us, and at the bright sapphire sky above. It looked like an upside down picture of water and clouds. I continued to think about the solitary suitcase and wondered if, once at the carousel, we might hear someone say “Where’s my suitcase?” “Is this it? “I could ask showing them the picture. I hope that this incident was just a matter of noticing that this was not the right plane. Or perhaps they noticed, when loading our suitcases, that this one had not yet been unloaded. Whatever the reason this suitcase was just sitting there, I hope it was reunited with its owner, and not too late either.

By the way, the mother behind us finally figured out what her daughter was saying! “Plane go faster.”

Did you ever lose something while traveling?


4 thoughts on “Did anyone lose a suitcase?

  1. I have never lost a suitcase, but have you had one badly damaged?? It happened to me and not a fun thing to see… but at least I still have my stuff 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl

      yes we had one damaged when we came home from Africa back in 1999 and wow, i can’t believe nothing fell out because the zipper was totally busted. It was all taped up. It was a relief when we opened it and found that nothing was missing. 🙂

  2. This is one thing that I hope does not happen to me. Ever. The closest I have come to losing something during travel was my cell phone. I hated when that happened. 🙂

    • I just felt so sorry for the poor soul who might be on a different plane, looking for his/her suitcase when he/she arrived at their destination. Hopefully, it was recovered at the other end, and not too long after landing. I can’t imagine there would be a scarier/frustrating feeling than not knowing where one’s suitcase is.



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