Respect and Consideration – for others and for nature!

I felt the need to express my thoughts on people’s reaction to Hurricane Earl. Okay, I need to vent! But I say that with a smile on my face.

I’m normally happy-go-lucky and most times, a positive person. But hearing people complain about something no one can control or do anything about (other than get prepared), really brought out a side of me I don’t like. My sarcastic side.

As I write this, Saturday morning, Earl is bringing heavy rains and winds through NS, and already knocked out power in some areas. It is now a category 1. In Moncton, a light rain has begun, and after the intense heat we’ve had all week, I welcome the cool breeze coming in my window as I know I might have to close them if the heavy rains come later today.

We must admit that in Canada, we’ve been blessed. We’ve seen a minimal amount of natural disasters hit close to home compared to other parts of the world. Here’s a more complete list of what’s happened around the globe since January.

While we sat in the comfort of our homes watching the TV news, we’ve seen massive earthquakes, floods, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, monsoon rains, sink hole (this one happened in Quebec), to name a few. All these disasters had one thing on common: lives were lost. 

When I see this, I feel compelled to pray that God will intervene and help those in that situation. We never seem to think it will happen to us, but personally, I count my blessings because I don’t doubt that it can happen here too.

With the heat wave we had this week—41oC or 105oF— it only stands to reason that we’d get something, whether it be just rain, and/or winds, but something nonetheless.  

And of course in this heat, who wants to cook? Thursday, I decided to stop at the grocery store to get supper . . . and bottled water. Like everyone, I want to be ready for the worst. What irked me is how people plunged into a panic after hearing about Earl, and this is how my short trip to the store ended up being twice as long. It looked like Christmas Eve at closing time.

First, the store was sold out of the big water jugs. The only thing left were smaller bottles which cost more than the big ones because of the brand name. Ah well, no worries. There are several large empty juice bottles at home which we can fill with water. That’ll do just fine. I’d rather recycle anyway!

I was either keeled over in stitches or irked as I watched the “hurried shoppers.” I tried to laugh. Yes it’s a big storm, yes it’s heading this way. But what can we do about it? Complaining and worrying will not change its outcome.

People seemed in such a rush to get what they needed. Some grabbed a cart from the entrance, and then parked it in the centre of an aisle to gather their ‘needs’, totally oblivious that others were trying to go by. But then in their haste, they found time to gab with other people. I squeezed my way around (thank God I had a small cart). Then, suddenly, they stopped gabbing and hurried to a teller as if the storm was waiting to greet them at the door.

Now this next part irks me terribly. These are my two biggest grocery store pet peeves:

# 1: People who, too much in a hurry, change their mind about perishable items and leave them on the “dry food” shelves. How often have I seen meat, yogurt, and even ice cream on a shelf next to the cereal boxes or cookies packages? As if groceries weren’t expensive enough . . . major irk!

# 2: After paying for their groceries, they make a mad dash for the doors where there are no cart shelters, leaving their carts in the middle of the exit, behind the carts of the last customers who has also left their carts behind another cart. . .you get the point? Their reasoning, I assume? Store clerks will put them back. With a hurricane at our door, these store clerks are working overtime to restock the shelves we’re busy emptying. Should there be a fire emergency near the exit, we’d be in a lot of trouble.

Why not just walk around (exit and entrance doors are literally side by side) and put it back where it belongs, ready for the next customer. Or why not take the cart to the vehicle, empty it and leave it in one of the cart shelters in the parking lot. It only takes seconds. It’s called bring respectful and considerate.

What are your pet peeves?


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