Writing prompts

I’m always looking for great articles that suggest writing exercises. One I came across today was to use 3-5 random words from the dictionary. Then set your timer to 10 or 15 minutes and write until the bell goes off. Do not edit as you write, there will be time for that later. Right now just keep pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard. What you write may not make sense but that’s ok.  It’s a great writing prompt – but one that got me stuck with these three words.  

Extravagant, Life and Death, Perception… 

I had my fingers on the keyboards but they weren’t moving, simply because the words were not coming  to me. Possibly because instead of looking at “the big picture”, I was trying to make one sentence with them. I shook my head in laughter – realizing that it’s been a long day, it’s getting late and time for me to get to bed as 5:30 a.m. comes early – I know good excuse! 

I returned to the dictionary. Looking for 3 more words. 

come, dogfight, Netherland . . . (please note that this attempt is purely fictitious, I never read such things about Netherlands, just needed to incorporate something in my 10 minutes of writing) . . . 

She never understood the reasoning behind the sport of dogfighting. Perhaps it was her love for animals that forbade her to even find consider attending such an event. It might also be her hatred for violence that made it impossible to fathom the idea. It wasn’t for her to judge whether it was right or wrong. But she knew it wasn’t something she wanted to see.  

It wasn’t until she read about it in the newspaper and realized that her husband-to-be (now simply her ex-fiancé), who was from the Netherlands, was involved with the sport and even had several dogs involved in the so-called sport. As she read his name in the article, she knew things would never be the same between them. She had to break things off. And to think that all this time, he came to her homeland which she called a free country, to see her. But pity, it was not his love for her that kept him coming back but his love for the sport. He tried to explain that it was the same as people who love horse races and going down to the Kentucky Derby (she was not a gambler so she wouldn’t be going to the Derby either) or someone who loves car racing and taking a spin down to the INDY 500.   

More writing prompts . . . what about PUNS? 

I called a friend one day. I heard her husband’s voice on the answering machine: 

You have reached the Wright house. Please leave your name and number and we will return your call.   

Their last name is Wright, and I thought the recorded message was so right, – no pun intended – I just love it. It thought it was appropriate, I left the following message: 

I’m glad I have the right house and not the wrong one. Please give me a call when you come in.   

Puns are good prompts to write as well. I love puns, though I read somewhere that like idioms, they shouldn’t be used in novels or short story writings. 

Puns are good prompts to write as well. I love to use them, though I read somewhere that they should be used in novels or short story writings? Is that true?  

What do you use for prompts? Do you feel that puns are unacceptable in novel/short story writing? Please send me your opinion. 




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